The Nanny

5 08 2008

Today we hired a nanny. This is the first time in almost 4 years of parenting that Mark and I have paid anyone to watch our boys. They are so delightful, I guess most people do it for free. I do.

Well, sort of. We are blessed to have many family and friends in the area who do love our children. It is an honor and joy to raise our sons in this community.

With the road that is ahead of us, however, we don’t want to burn our friends – or our family – out. So we have decided to take advantage of Microsoft’s excellent benefits and hire a nanny several afternoons a week through their back-up care program. We’re not loaded, so it’s awesome that she costs us just $4 an hour.

After four years of doing almost everything for my sweet boys, it is really wierd to sit down for four hours in the afternoon and not have to do anything. The boys came in to give me hugs a few times. Micah came in to show me his nose, eyes, and belly button. But otherwise, I had four hours to go through old magazines and cut our recipes. Four hours to put together a collage of colors I like. Four hours to write.




One response

5 08 2008

I’m proud of you. It takes serious discipline to stay away and let others care for your kids when you can’t. I really can’t say it enough… you’re a wonderful mama & being so good to your whole family – but especially the babe inside.

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