Snot on sunday

4 08 2008

Sleepy boy who smells like strawberry ice cream leans in for a kiss, wiping snot across my chin.

It is a beautiful sunny day, one of the few this summer. On rainy days it’s not too hard to spend the day in bed. When the sun pours in my window, I grow restless. This afternoon my boys went with their Ama to watch the Blue Angels fly. Mark and I took a drive to Southcenter, hoping to borrow a wheelchair so we could check out the new H&M. After 45 minutes in the parking lot looking for a spot, guest services at the mall was out of wheelchairs and we were out of luck.

I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon dreaming of color. Before we moved into our new house, Mark and I agreed that I would not paint the walls – or anything else – without his permission.

In our first condo, I painted the bedroom yellow on a whim. This did not go over well. In our cottage, just a few weeks after we moved in, I decided to faux finish the powder bath. Not thinking, I bought red paint and a glaze. When mixed together, these created hot pink. When Mark got home from work, I was covered in red paint and the bathroom was glowing hot pink.

White + Red = Pink

Any preschooler could tell you this, but somehow I didn’t do the math at Home Depot.

Over the next few months, we painted the walls in our kitchen, dining, and living rooms sage green, butter yellow, and dusty purple. These were great colors, but I soon was tired of them and ready for a change. For the next 4 years, Mark and I argued every few months about whether I could repaint the house. The answer was always no.

The walls in our new home are monotone, a pale sage green called pampas grass.

This time around, as we are in a house where we’ll hopefully build a nest for many years, we’re thinking about hiring expert help. I love color, but I want to pick colors that will endure. Colors that work with the hard surfaces in our house: acacia floors, granite countertops, espresso cabinets. Colors that work with the light, or lack of light, here in the Northwest.

I’m hungry. Time to make dinner.




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